‘To Be Us, It’s Political’: Tel Aviv’s Drag Queens

Refinery29 put out an excellent mini-doc about the Tel Aviv drag scene this week, following a young soldier named German as he prepares for his first performance as a queen, named Diamond. German trains under other Israeli queens like Nona Chalant and Asis D’Orange, new to most viewers but obviously stars to German. It’s also an exploration of the larger Israeli drag scene, and how it fits in to Israel’s religious environment.

One of the interviewees, Moishe, who performs as Moksha, doesn’t mince words when it comes to the specific issues that comes with his life as a queen that performs in Jerusalem. “I don’t think there is a reconciliation,” he says, and both his drag persona and the fact that he’s gay. “You just sort of stay in that conflict, sort of live with it, it’s a constant.” And what, I ask, could be more Jewish than an intractable conflict that requires constant re-evaluation?