Three Israeli single dads unable to fly their Mexico-born babies home

Three Israeli single fathers whose babies were born in Mexico to surrogate mothers cannot fly their children home because local authorities are refusing to issue birth certificates.

UPDATE 3/4: The Fathers and babies are still in Mexico; Mexico refuses to provide the newborns with documents that will allow them to fly, in light of changes in the legislation regarding surrogacy in the country. MK Haim Yellin, chairman of the Mexico-Israel relations in the Knesset, contacted Carlos Airiath, his colleague in the Mexican Parliament, to intervene in the crisis.

UPDATE 2/24: Israeli Ministry of Interior approved today Israeli citizenship to the three newborn, however, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still refuses to provide the fathers an Israeli passport for the babies, and therefore they are still held in Mexico.

David Toledo and his baby in Mexico

The Mexican birth certificates are necessary for the children to be issued Israeli passports.

The new fathers – Shaul Shiri, David Toledo and Hanoch Benish – accused the Israeli Embassy in Mexico of not assisting them enough, but officials say that the Israelis violated Mexican law, the Israel Hayom newspaper reported.

“It is a real mess,” Shiri told Israel’s Channel 2. “The embassy asked us not to involve lawyers or the media and said they would resolve the situation. It took a while, but eventually they managed to help one couple with twins.”

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