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Thousands Protest For Equality in Tel Aviv Over Gay Adoption

Thousands of people participate in LGBT demonstration against state’s ban on adoption by same-sex couples. ‘We will go out into the streets and disrupt everyday life until there is full equality for LGBT families in Israel,’ said LGBT Task Force CEO.

UPDATE: Ten protesters were arrested for questioning during a demonstration that took place on Thursday evening in Tel Aviv to protest the government’s anti-gay adoption stance. Among those arrested were Labor activists Noaa Golani and Shay Charpnov. Golani serves as the head of the Labor party LGBT action group and Charpnov is the head of the Young Labor group in Tel Aviv. Jerusalem Post

Thousands of people took part in a demonstration supporting the LGBT community near the government compound in Tel Aviv, protesting the state’s decision to continue with its current stance against the adoption of children by same-sex couples, citing that such couples will be considered less desirable candidates for adoption than heterosexual couples.

Israeli National LGBT Task Force Chairperson Chen Arieli spoke prior to the demonstration, saying that “the politicians are terrified that thousands of people crying out against discrimination have come to the demonstration, and the solution suggested by (Welfare Minister Haim Katz, whose office approved the ban on same-sex adoption—ed) is far from truly being a solution. Who’s going to conduct the parental capability tests, the same people who view us as additional waste? Discrimination as policy must stop, since any other solution perpetuates the current reality.

“Minister Katz has to meet with the heads of the community and work with the ministry’s officials in a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination in adoption,” continued Arieli. “Will go out into the streets and disrupt everyday life until there is full equality for LGBT families in Israel.” Continue reading on Ynet

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