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“This is my family”

In an open letter on social media, celebrity TV host Assi Azar invited Jewish Home’s leader Naftali Bennett to a double-date with Assi and his boyfriend, and Naftali and his wife, so Bennett could see that a gay couple is no different from a straight couple.

“This is my family and this is my partner – Albert . We met a year and three months ago in Barcelona. I approached him half-drunk with a shy look and told him I thought he was beautiful. Since then my life has changed.

I found true love, deep love, emotional and supportive. I found someone to hold me tight at night when I’m sad and when I’m  happy. I found someone I can spoil by making breakfast with a glass of orange juice, as he likes.

Someone who waits for me in bed at night with a lighted candle and a glass of wine. Someone on whom I can pour – without him being ready for it – a bucket of ice water from above while he takes a shower , only to hear him screaming in panic (try it on partners , it’s hilarious).

I found my other half .

This is my love. It’s clean and it’s beautiful and it makes me feel good.

This is my love and it does not do any harm to anyone .

This is my love and for some reason there’s someone who thinks that it’s not as good as his love .

Naftali Bennett, for example, is a married man, and has a wife who seems lovely and supportive, just like my Albert. But Naftali thinks that he and his wife deserve more than I deserve. That’s sad. And you can cover it with a million (so called) ‘intelligent’ reasons but ultimately there is no alternative other than calling it by its name : homophobia. . Fear of what is different from you. Lack of respect for what is different from you.

Superiority over what is different from you.

So I want to tell you something, dear Naftali Bennett. Love is above all.

Above religion, above politics, above the ego.

Naftali , my dear brother, my partner Albert and I will be happy to meet with you and your wife for a dinner to show you that we are just like you , and if we’re just like you , we deserve the same legal rights that you get.

Will you receive our invitation, Mr. Bennett ?

We await your response – Assi , Albert and Amos the dog.”


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