Raz and Yotam’s Wedding Album

Raz and Yotam who got married in December 2016 share their wedding album

Raz Dauber (30) and Yotam Lipovetsky-Adler (27) gave Israeli website Mako Pride a peek at their wedding that took place in December 2016 in Tel Aviv. “Four months before a planned trip to New York, I decided to take the reins and with the help of my mom and my sisters I bought a ring,” Raz tells the magazine. “At the same time I planned for us to get married at City Hall in New York,” continues Yotam. “So basically, it’s only been a few hours between the minute of the proposal at a restaurant to the actual wedding.”

Raz and Yotam met six years ago on Israeli dating website Atraf Dating. “I looked for love, and Yotam was looking even less so,” recalls Raz. “It was on Passover six years ago, just before I went out to the Seder, that his photo popped up on my screen and I fell in love at that moment! After six years together I can admit that I was the one who first texted him.

“The texting led to a first date, the next day,” says Yotam. “We went out to a party together. Each of us brought his best girlfriend, who, looking back, helped us learn more about each other. After that night we knew that we were meant to be together.

“After two years together, which included Raz’s coming out to his family, we moved in together, got a dog, and we now live in Tel Aviv.”

Raz says that from the moment they went under the Chuppah and throughout the blessing reading, the rumor says that there was no single dry eye. “On that day we saw and experienced how much love and support we’ve received from our parents, our brothers and sisters, our grandparents,” Raz says. “The openness, the attention and the liberalism of our families is huge. The most important thing for them is for us to be happy.

“We were blessed with wonderful, amazing families that from the moment we came out supported us,” says Yotam. “With all the difficulties and the misunderstandings at the beginning, we have never felt rejection. Unfortunately, there are still boys and girls whose experience is different than ours. We hope that our wedding and the family we created provides a hope for them, that it gets better, and that everything will work out for them.”

Photos: Nufar Tegar