The Search for Israeli Cuisine

Filmmaker Roger Sherman is working on the first film to bring the richness and diversity of Israel’s food culture to Americans

It may be surprising to learn that a major culinary revolution is taking place in a country so frequently associated with political drama. In just thirty years, Israel has gone from having no fine food to call its own to a cuisine that is world-renowned.

But what is Israeli cuisine?

  • Chefs and Israelis who love food have strong opinions, reflecting an incredibly diverse cultural heritage: Moroccan, Persian, Yemenite, Polish, French, American — from 72 countries at last count – Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, Christians, Druze — kosher and non-kosher.
  • Should that diversity be stirred into a melting pot or remain distinct?
  • What happens when traditions are lost?
  • Children who grew up ashamed of their mother’s cooking are celebrating and even reinventing it in their own trendy restaurants.

These questions and more are the focus of The Search for Israeli Cuisine.