The Official Tel Aviv Pride Song

The Tel Aviv Municipality has released this year’s official Pride anthem, “Things Can Only Get Better,” a cover version of the massive 1994 European hit.

‘Things Can Only Get Better’, first a hit for British pop act D:Ream, is a co-production of the Tel Aviv Municipality and Tel Aviv’s iconic gay bar Evita, and dubbed “2015 Pride Anthem.” Amir Fryszer-Guttman contributed the leading vocals, and the song was produced by DJ Yoav Arnon.

Three Knesset Members make a surprising appearance in the video of the song: Tzippy Livni, Zehava Galon and Yael German, as well as the head of the Likud Gay Forum, Amir Ohana. Other familiar faces include drag queen Ziona Patriot, DJ Natty Natan and “Avant-drag” artist Nona Chalant.

Originally written in 1989, when Irish musician Peter Cunnah, the face of D:Ream, was new to London, it was first released in the UK as a single in January 1993 and reached a respectable 23 in the charts. But it was on the 1994 re-release that D:Ream really hit the big time. Then the song was  at number one for four weeks. The British Labour Party used it as a theme during the party’s 1997 campaign.