The New F Word

Celebrity gay Jews Adam Lambert and Matthew Weiss take part in ‘The New F Word Campaign’, an edgy photo campaign that is all about empowering those who have been bullied.

An edgy anti-bully campaign is the brainchild of producers Ronnie Kroell & Elliot London, photographer Ryan Forbes, and branding guru Bianca Kosoy. The New F Word aims to keep the conversation about bullying alive, but more importantly it was designed to empower individuals and inspire all of us to take ACTION.

The campaign is designed to empower those who have been bullied, so instead of shutting down in fear, the individuals who have been bullied need to have an inner monologue of ‘F you frankly, I’m amazing the way I am,’ and ‘accept that.’ According to the producers of the campaign, “The new F word” is “Friend”!

Just like the “No H8″ campaign before it, the new campaign aims to travel around the country and doing photoshoots of supporters literally giving bullying “the bird,” while encouraging youth to stop using words like fatty, freak, and faggot by choosing to be a friend instead.

“Super proud of this photo!!’ Wrote Matthew Weiss, TV writer and producer, mostly known as “the gay guy” from the popular TV show TMZ. Popular singer Adam Lambert, who also donated signed CDs for financial supporters of the campaign tweeted “Join me in Making It Work for The New F Word on Indiegogo.”

Bullying doesn’t discriminate. It effects people of all ages, genders, sizes, races, religions, sexual orientations, and so much more. Studies have shown that the long term effects of being bullied can be devastating, often times leading to severe depression and even suicide. One solution, according to Dr. Jaana Juvonen at UCLA, is to have at least one friend to confide in and to help alleviate everyday stress.

Matthew Weiss

Adam Lambert