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The Most Powerful Experience

Today (Wednesday) is day 8 of A Wider Bridge’s co-funded group-trip to Israel, and the amazing photos that they have taken are piling up in our special Facebook gallery. The group has arrived in Haifa today, exploring the North of Israel along their way there. In Haifa they’ll visit the magnificent Bah’ai gardens, but they also expected to have a very interesting meeting with members of ASWAT, a Palestinian LGBT group.

Earlier today, our “hot email” received a few words from Erica, one of the group members on the trip, as she’s trying to describe in words some of her experience arriving in Jerusalem for the first time.

“Sleeping in the Negev in Bedouin lodgings and eating breakfast in tents overlooking the vast desert,” Erica writes. “Hiking in Ein Gedi in the Judean desert amidst hyrax, ibex, and lush waterfalls. Those experiences in the first days of our trip were spectacular, but they don’t compare to being in Jerusalem these past few days. The old city is simply breath-taking, visiting Yad Vashem was deeply affecting and unforgettable. I have loved experiencing the food, the sights, the people, and the electricity of Jerusalem. And praying at the Kotel was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had.”

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