The Most Widely Read Israeli / Jewish / LGBT Stories: July 2014

July was a tough month for Israelis and for all of us who care about Israel, and it’s no surprise that the most widely read stories this month are related in various ways to the Israel/Gaza conflict. From our moderated forum on the conflict to the story of LGBT youth bringing gifts to Iron Dome Soldiers to stories of boyfriends going off to war…    See the complete list of top stories below.

#5 / Gay Youth Surprise Iron Dome Soldiers


On July 15, 180 Israeli soldiers at the Iron Dome base near Rishon LeZion received an exciting surprise from Israel Gay Youth and their mentor Shimi Sharon, a volunteer at IGY who works at the city hall. In an open letter to Rishon Lezion’s mayor, who has never supported the LGBT community publicly, Shimi urges the mayor to show support for the community before the gay pride celebrations will be held in the city. Read the story>>

4 / A Wider Bridge’s Moderated Forum

During the month of July we ran a moderated forum on our website, to give our readers an opportunity to have their view on the Israel/Gaza conflict be heard. we know that our readers have varied opinions, about the roots of the conflict, the strategies and tactics being employed by each side, and the best path for a resolution that will lead to peace. Go to the forum>>

3 / YIscah Smith Book Tour


Yiscah Sara Smith, the renowned Jewish and transgender educator from Israel and author of the new book “Forty Years in the Wilderness: My Journey to Authentic Living,” that we bring to America for series of talks around the country, is our most buzzed-about program this month. Between August 10 to 18, 2014, Yiscah will speak in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the tour’s announcement on our website made a wonderful  land as the third most popular page on our website this month.  Check out her full schedule >>

2 / Harel’s Boyfriend Recruited


On July 21, out Israeli singer Harel Skaat posted on Instagram a photo of his boyfriend, model Idan Roll, before going to his military service in Gaza. The photo of Idan in IDF Uniform, and the message of Harel to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was accompanied it about LGBT equality, has gone viral on social media. Read the story>>

1 / “My Boyfriend is Going to War”

A picture posted  by Eyal, a gay Israeli guy, of his boyfriend of five years, Itamar, an officer in the IDF who was recruited for the army, has gone viral on Facebook and became the latest demonstration of LGBT equality in Israel, and our #1 story in July, with an outstanding number of hits, clicks, likes and shares on social media! Read the story>>