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The Most Popular Jewish LGBT Stories: 06/2014

In this July 4th weekend we look back at the stories that became the most talked about in our community in the month of June. From Tel Aviv pride to Eliad Cohen’s intimate interview at home… but who’s number one??

#5 / Israeli Author Comes Out


A re-release of the award-winning book “Death of a Monk” by Alon Hilu marks a decade since the original publication of the book. In the introduction to the new edition Hilu reveals the fascinating personal process he went through recently, which led him at the age of 41 to “connect to my true self and my true sexuality – and come out of the closet.” On June 17 we translated Alon’s coming out words, which ended up as the #5 most visited story on our website. Read the story

 #4/ At Home with Eliad Cohen


Gay icon Eliad Cohen, AKA “the hottest Israeli guy ever” opened his home-and his heart- to Ha’aretz newspaper on June 8, and talked about growing up gay in Israel, and his international fame. Read the story

#3/ Tel Aviv Pride Photo Gallery

Tel Aviv gay pride was obviously the most talked about event this month, and the photos and videos we have collected from Pride Weekend became very popular on our social media pages- and also on our website. View the photos

#2/ Transgender Visibility at Gay Pride

Transgender Daniel Brosh decided to call out Transgender visibility at this year’s Gay Pride in Tel Aviv in an original way and has produced a lip-sync music video starring only female-to-male transgenders. We are so glad that we helped spreading this video around, which was accepted lovingly by transgender communities across America. Watch the video

#1/ First Transgender Officer in the IDF


The Israeli army is far ahead of the American army on the transgender issue. Not only does the IDF already allow transgender people to serve, but last month the first FTM transgender graduated corps school and became an officer. On June 24 we gave you the full story and guess what?! It’s the most popular story in June! Read the story


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