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The Most Followed LGBT Women

2012 was certainly quite a year for the LGBT community. We saw lots of memorable comings-out, such as the plethora of Olympians, including U.S. soccer player Megan Rapinoe. We declared victory for marriage equality in three states during the November election, and saw Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin elected as the first openly gay member of the U.S. Senate.That’s why we find it so important to research and deliver the year’s most “wanted” LGBTs:

6. Samantha Ronson: @samantharonson Followers: 1,649,883 and counting


5. Rachel Maddow: @maddow Followers: 2,431,346 and counting
4. Queen Latifah: @IAMQUEENLATIFAH Followers: 3,886,113 and counting
3.  Lindsay Lohan: @lindsaylohan Followers: 4,703,706 and counting
2. Jessie J: @JessieJ Followers: 6,288,474 and counting
1. Ellen DeGeneres: @TheEllenShow Followers: 15,443,266 and counting

[*Note that in the original post Lady Gaga is at #1, but (unfortunately) Gaga is not LGB nor T]

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