The Key is in the Window

Yishay Ben Moshe premiered in the Jerusalem Festival “Key is in the Window,” a new gay-themed play based on the poem Kaddish by Allen Ginsberg. The play is now running at the Gay and Lesbian Center in Tel Aviv.

Allen Ginsberg was a controversial gay Jewish American poet, who’s considered a harsh critic of American culture. Ginsberg is considered one of the leading figures of both the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the counterculture that soon would follow.

Ginsberg’s famous poem Kaddish was his attempt to mourn his mother, Naomi, but also reflects his sense of loss at his estrangement from his born religion. The poem is woven as a story and a lament arising from his painful memories of his mother fighting mental illness and his guilt over her hospitalization. The Hebrew version was adapted by the famous Israeli poet Natan Zach.

Born in 1982, Yishay Ben Moshe is an aspiring new actor who started his career with small roles on Israeli TV, and also concentrating on theatrical Fringe plays.

Critics acclaimed Ben Moshe’s performance. “Ben Moshe’s audacity generates an electrifying one-man show,” writes the latest one. “Ben Moshe gives a fascinating performance in a variety of combinations and transitions as it goes through, in the text itself and also in his physical performance, during which he takes his clothes off, creating a short dance on the table, gets dressed and undressed again to full nudity, as an observer of himself, his childhood, his homosexuality, his imagery.”