The Complete LGBT “Watchlist”

As Thanksgiving approaches, and with it a long weekend, A Wider Bridge has found the best way to pass the time at home: Watch LGBT-themed movies.

A volunteer at IGY, Avichai Abarbanel, has for years been building an archive of every LGBT related movie possible, and has kept them as a list on IMDB, the popular movie data-base website.

“The content of the movies on the list centers not only around same-sex relationships,” Avichai tells A Wider Bridge, “but also about straight people, movies that deal with feminism and gender roles, subjects that are on the daily discussion table of the LGBT community.”

Building this incredible list, that currently includes over 2000 titles, started Avichai’s need to find content for his volunteering work at IGY. “As part of my role as an forums manager at IGY’s website, I’ve always searched for content to upload to the forum,” he says. “This list actually started on Yom Hashoah (Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day) one year, when I was searching for a movie that shows the perspective of the pink triangle prisoners. Since then the list has grown bigger.”

For Avichai, “the Watchlist” has become a personal resource that keeps growing constantly. “It’s become a hobby of mine to follow International LGBT festivals and add movies and TV programs that I think can fit the list. As time has passed, this list has become a source from which I and my friends draw ideas about what to watch in our free time.”

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