The Bubble

THE-BUBBLE-PosterDirector: Eytan Fox
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama
Language: Hebrewת Arabic, English
Runtime: 117 min.


The movie follows a group of young friends in the city of Tel Aviv and is as much a love song to the city as it is an exploration of the claim that people in Tel Aviv are isolated from the rest of the country and the turmoil it’s going through. The movie looks at young people’s lives in Tel Aviv through the POVs of gays and straights, Jews and Arabs, men and women. It all begins when Noam, a young Israeli soldier, serves in the reserve forces and meets at a check point a Palestinian young man called Ashraf. Following an incident during which Noam misplaces his ID card at the check point, Ashraf shows up on the doorstep of the apartment that Noam shares with a gay man and a straight woman. How will the meeting affect all of their lives?



Best Picture – Glitter Awards 2008
Best Feature – Dublin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Outstanding Dramatic Feature – LA Outfest
Best Fiction Feature – Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
C.I.C.A.E. Award 2007 – Berlin International Film Festival
Reader Jury of the “Siegessäule” 2007 – Berlin International Film Festival
Best Screenplay – Durban International Film Festival
Outstanding Film – Limited Release (2008) – GLAAD Media Awards
Audience Award – Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival


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