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The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film

Two Israeli films have made the list of The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film, according to Out magazine’s latest issue: The famous kiss in the snow from Yossi and Jagger (no. 21) and the Israeli Jewish man and a Palestinian man making love scene in ‘The Bubble’ (no. 5).

Whatever the catalysts that spark sexual reaction, we find them here, in the 30 sexiest gay film scenes—all of which, though wildly different, capture the raw and visceral experience of passion, leaving viewers feeling both deeply aroused and self-consciously voyeuristic.

From the over-the-top hilarity of Wet Hot American Summer’s gay romp to the pugnacious fervor that drives the titular anti-hero of Querelle; the quiet longing in Bent to the bacchanal hunger that destroys Caravaggio; the affirming naïveté of My Own Private Idaho to the boundary-pushing world-weariness of Edward II.

5. The Bubble – Dir. Eytan Fox, 2006
“It would have to be when Noam (Ohad Knoller) and Ashraf (Yousef Sweid) first have sex in Eytan Fox’s The Bubble. The scene’s great for two reasons: first, because it dares to show an Israeli Jewish man and a Palestinian man making love, and second, because it eschews the spit-and-smile approach to movies like Brokeback Mountain to give viewers a more realistic version of what happens when someone loses his anal cherry—it’s a little awkard, a little painful, but also irresistble and tender and ineffably pleasurable. And no, it doesn’t hurt that Knoller and Sweid are totally cute, too.”
—Dale Peck, novelist, ‘Sprout’

21. Yossi & Jagger – Dir. Eytan Fox, 2002
Two Israeli soldiers are marching through the snow. They wrestle to the ground. One reveals he’s naked beneath his army-issued jumper. The other accepts the implicit invitation and they go at it as a rabbit watches. This scene from the tense Israeli military love story is pure slice of fantasy, heightened by its forbidden nature.

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