Thanksgiving: Let Love Define Family

The Thanksgiving tradition that BCC member Alex Wexler, his partner Gregg Milano and son Jacob established is so heartwarming that it inspired the RaiseAChild.US staff to honor their family in a unique way.


Turkey and all the trimmings are served with generous portions of love and hospitality by Long Beach, California, residents Alex Wexler and Gregg Milano, whose Thanksgiving feast for foster children brings new meaning to the notion of dining “family style.”

Preparation for the dinner, now in its seventh year, begins the day before as Gregg and Alex roast turkeys, cola-glazed hams and whip up cranberry sauce with shredded coconut, yams garnished with See’s Candies and Gregg’s world famous bacon, green bean and mushroom soup casserole.

“The dessert table goes on for years and the kids all get to take something home,” Gregg noted. “At our house, we never run out of food because I don’t know how to cook for just a few people.”

Each Thanksgiving, Alex and Gregg welcome about 60 guests to their feast. It is tradition that they guest list includes their closest friends and relatives. But the majority of their Thanksgiving feast invited guests are youth and teens of the Los Angeles County foster care system.

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