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Tel Aviv’s Three F’s

Rising from the golden shores of the Mediterranean, stands one of the most intriguing and exciting new gay capitals of the world – TEL AVIV. A recent post on the new Tel Aviv website introducing the city’s three F’s: Fun, Free and Fabulous- have fun, be free and feel fabulous!


FUN – We’re all about having FUN!

At every waking moment, Tel Aviv has only one goal – having fun. This city is designed to offer everyone the ultimate vacation experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re here alone, with your girlfriend, boyfriend or best friends – this is the place for everyone.
Whether it’s the local boys starting a day off at the infamous Hilton gay beach, or having a lazy morning brunch with the girls at any of the friendly small café’s. Moving on to a quick shopping spree at one of the central malls, hosting the best fashion labels and promising young designers, and then – lunch at either one the fanciest restaurants around, or at a small and hidden bistro, just waiting to dazzle you with the traditional smells and tastes.

FREE – We’re all about being FREE!

The key for this welcoming atmosphere is the people.
Tel Aviv has a magical, unique mixture of people. Like her sisters all over the world – New York, Berlin Paris and Madrid, Tel Aviv draws the free-spirited people from all over the country, allowing them to live their lives as they choose. Gay, Lesbian, transgender or bisexual – At all ages, people are free to live, love, work, create and enjoy the cultural and social oasis that is Tel Aviv.
This free and enriching environment built the path to the founding of TLVFEST – Israel International LGBT Film Festival, taking place every summer, inviting gays & lesbians from all over the world to share the Israeli creations.

FABULOUS – We’re all about feeling FABULOUS!
The city never lets you down. Every day is about discovering something new about yourself. Whether you are a culture-geek or a party animal, Tel Aviv has it all. Every night has a new place to go to, a diverse crowd to meet and new sensations to experience. Art galleries, hosting avant-garde shows and exhibits, street fairs commemorating the architecture and the exiting history of the city, and vast (and sometime, wild) festivals, all celebrating the locals imagination.
There’s something for everyone – even if you don’t know that you want it, this city will make it happen for you.

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