Tel Aviv is set to portray non-heteronormative families in schools

Schools in Tel Aviv are set to update Shabbat-welcoming services held in municipal preschools to portray a variety of non-heteronormative families. The move aims to reflect and represent families living in the city more proportionately.

Shabbat-welcoming services in a Tel Aviv municipal preschool

LGBT and single parent family structures will be introduced to teach young children diversity and coexistence from a younger age.

A number of pre schools in the city have already taken on the recommendation and have begun to hold Shabbat-welcoming services that differ from tradition. The service welcomes Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest in the week.

Gali Shine-Tal and Itai Himmelfarb, psychologists from the public counselling service of Tel Aviv, said that sending a message of diversity from a young age is incredibly important for children’s development.

Himmelfarb explained: “It’s important to us that the social climate in preschool be positive and encouraging to the families. Our goal is to produce thinking that takes into account LGBT families.”

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