Tel Aviv: gay tourists must-see

From the Jaffa Port to the Tel Aviv Port, from Habima Square to Rabin Square and from Dizengoff Center to Meir Park – Israeli news website Ynet gives a few recommendations for tourists visiting the White City during Pride Week.

Habima (Photo by Amit Cotler)

Rothschild Boulevard
What to do: Walk from one end of the boulevard to the other. Most hotels accommodating the tourists arriving for the 2015 Pride Week are located on the western side of the boulevard, and walking along the proudest boulevard in town is an experience in itself. On the way, fuel up with coffee in one of the coffee stations.

From Habima Square to Rabin Square
What to do: A walking path into the heart of the city, from the national theater square and the main concert hall through the charming garden alongside the Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Chen Boulevard and Ibn Gabirol Street, all the way to the Tel Aviv Municipality.

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