Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2015: News, Photos

Live Blogging: A Wider Bridge Brings you the latest news and the best photos from Tel Aviv’s 2015 Pride Weekend!

Gay Pride 2015
Gay Pride 2015 (photo by: Hadas Parush)

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June 13, 5:48pm: Conchita Wurst, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Join 180,000 At Tel Aviv Pride (New Now Next) – Mayor Ron Huldai welcomed the crowd “to the gay-friendliest city in the world,” and U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro marched with his daughter on his shoulders. read the story

June 13, 12:07pm: Likud Ministers Face Backlash for Taking Part in Gay Pride Parade (Jerusalem Post) – Likud ministers Miri Regev and Ofir Akunis were on the receiving end of an angry backlash from right-wing social media users who objected to their presence at Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Parade on Friday. continue reading

June 12, 5:39pm: Israeli Gay Pride Parade Highlights Progress (USA Today) – A half dozen babies sat or crawled on a soft blanket in a Tel Aviv park Friday as their fathers, gay men from around Israel, discussed juggling work and fatherhood, the introduction of solid foods and diaper rash continue reading


June 12, 1:35pm: Gay Pride Revelers Take to the Streets in Tel Aviv (The Times of Israel) – 180,000 people marched through Tel Aviv’s streets Friday in the city’s 17th annual Gay Pride Parade, the nation’s largest and oldest gay pride event. continue reading

June 12, 12:00pm: Thousands celebrate gay pride in Tel Aviv (JTA) – Friday’s parade, Tel Aviv’s 17th, featured an appearance by Conchita, the transgender Austrian performer who last year won the Eurovision song festival, Army Radio reported. continue reading

Jun 12, 10:43am: Over 100,000 at Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, Regions Biggest (ABC News) – Large sections of Tel Aviv were shut for traffic and loud music blasted along the parade’s route. Streets were packed thick with people waving rainbow flags and dancing. The theme of this year’s parade, which was the city’s biggest ever, was “Tel Aviv loves all genders.” Read the full story


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