Tel Aviv ER Staff Educated in Transgender Patients

The Emergency Room staff of the Sourasky Medical Center, the main hospital serving Tel Aviv, were educated this week about sensitivities and attention towards transgender patients.


Following a report that was received at the Aguda’s Nir Katz Center for Fighting LGBTphobia on an inappropriate treatment of a transgender man in Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center, Nir Katz Center representatives have approached the management of the hospital, which was open to learning and changing its ways.

A special seminar to the staff of the hospital’s Emergency Room took place Tuesday, centering on appropriate and sensitive treatments for transgender people. The presentation was conducted by Gil Fishhof, coordinator of the Nir Katz center, and Elisha Alexander, a volunteer at Hoshen and Executive Director of the organization Maavarim- Possible Change to the Transgender Community.

Elisha Alexander says that the information that was presented to the medical staff of the Sourasky Medical Center is actually important for every medical staff in every hospital. “There are many subject that are important to the transgender community but can benefit everyone in our society,” Elisha says. “Before you do any exam – explain what is about to happen. Also, be sensitive to body and nudity issues, be sensitive towards privacy of medical information (and transgender is medical information that is not appropriate to reveal without purpose), and of course, referring to the patient in the wanted gender and name, and find solutions in cases where there’s gender divisions.”