Tel Aviv, A Top LGBT Destination, a leading multilingual tourism news website, selected Tel Aviv among top 5 LGBT tourism destinations in the world.

“Most recent surveys show that gay tourists travel more than others and spend greater amounts of money while on the road. Some countries and many cities have understood the value of attracting the gay clientele,” writes the website.

On the list, Tel Aviv is listed at #5, following Barcelona/Madrid, Berlin, San Francisco and London.

“Although located in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is one of the most liberal cities in the world,” the magazine writes. “While the region is certainly not the most welcoming for LGBT tourism, Tel Aviv is different. The city is attractive to anyone seeking sunshine almost all year round. Moreover, it is a bustling city that offers 24/7 non-stop activities, good food, gay beaches, and an endless array of gay bars. Every June, Tel Aviv celebrates one of the most famous Gay Pride parades. This entails a week full of celebrations and events throughout the city.”