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Tehila-Featured-1Tehila, the Israeli equivalent of P-FLAG, provides support for parents and families of LGBT people. Tehila runs support groups and hot lines throughout the country, and is linked to youth groups and projects in various venues around the country.
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Parents’ Coffee Shop
A program that allows LGBT young people who may not be out to or fully accepted by their own parents to talk with parents of LGBT people and form supportive relationships.

It Gets Better
The Israeli branch of the famous international project. Bringing out personal stories of parents, siblings and other family members of gays, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals, and expresses the feelings that accompany the acceptance of a member of their family coming out. (English captions provided in every video)
Project’s Official Website

AILO LOGO NEW A1Alliance of Israeli LGBTQ Educational Organizations
AILO is a collaboration of Israel Gay Youth, Hoshen and Tehila working together to build community, teach understanding, and create change.  In March 2012, A Wider Bridge sponsored “Rainbow Generations,” a visit by the leaders of AILO to the West Coast of the United States and Canada.  They spoke at events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver.  You can read about that visit here.



How the Gay Student Brotherhood in Ariel Changed the life of Shirel, a 25-year-old Trans Religious Man (WDG / Octiber 30, 2017)
Conference for Israel’s LGBT Religious Communities (A Wider Bridge / October 10, 2017)
How Two Gay Sons Helped an Israeli Father To Be More Emotionally Present (Mako Pride / September 26, 2017)
A Wife to Her Husband: “If You Can’t Accept Our Son, Leave Home!” (WDG / November 23, 2016)
Gay Activist Arrested in Beer Sheva Protest (WDG / July 18, 2016)
10 Tips for Parents Whose Child Just Came Out (Mako Pride / February 5, 2016)
Acceptance in the Periphery (A Wider Bridge / January 7, 2015)
HIV: A Seminar for Parents (LGBT Israel / September 17, 2014)
“My Oldest Brother Yuval Was Born as My Sister” (Mako / July 23, 2013)
“It Gets Better” – A New Project from Tehila (A Wider Bridge / June 5, 2013)


Tehila members carry signs that reads “My Son is Gay, So What?!” and “Being Different is Not a Situation Requires Fixing” at Tel Aviv Gay Pride [photo: Facebook page]

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