Tamar Yahel to Lead LGBT Education Org.

Hoshen, the Israeli LGBT Education organization, elected Tamar Yahel as the organization’s new Executive Director. Yahel replaces Yali Ben Ami Vitenberg, who spent three years in office.

The momentum of change in the top positions of the LGBT organizations continues. After leadership change at the Jerusalem Open House and Israel Gay Youth organization and the elections at the Aguda, Hoshen announced Sunday its new Executive Director, Tamar Yahel.

Yahel (30), a lesbian woman, lives with her partner and their two children. She comes from involvement in the community and was one of the founders of the pre-military academy in Jerusalem ( “Yerushalmit”). She led the academy for two years and then ran Lod’s student village of the organization “Ayalim,” which promotes education and contribution to society. Though she mostly lived and worked in Jerusalem, she comes to lead Hoshen after spending a year and a half in Canada.

“I believe that the best way to bring about social change is through education, discussion and dialogue, and it comes from my deep belief in the work of Hoshen,” said Tamar Yahel. “As the incoming Director it’s important for me to create a sense of home, belonging and pride for volunteers, who are the beating heart of our work.”

Tamar was selected by the Board of Directors of the organization, in a process that was led by a search committee, and continues a respected sequence of female executive directors in the organization.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, we wish Tamar great success in her new role,” said Yigal Avrahami, Chairman of the Board. “We have great confidence that she knows how to lead Hoshen with much professionalism, sensitivity and caring into new places, and to meet our many challenges – among other things, reaching new audiences nationwide, expanding representations of the community within the organization and adding more volunteers, leading organizational processes, enhancing cooperation between community organizations, and giving expression to the theme of pride events this year – bisexuality – in the work of the organization. “