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Tamar Eisenman Premieres “Circles”

Tamar Eisenman releases a first song off of her forthcoming English-language album

Israeli-bred, NYC dwelling songwriter/guitarist Tamar Eisenman is giving the States a shot. Her latest tune, “Circle,” (listen here) builds steadily and ups the intensity over the course of the nearly four-and-a-half minutes. The song comes from her soon-to-be released deluxe edition of On My Way, which will be out for the first time in her new homeland.

This one’s an alternative rock dance experimental track represent the cross genre features in the new album,” she explains. “This song was born on a sweaty summer day in Tel Aviv, with a loopy acoustic guitar line that could go on forever, and a bluesy feeling only a cold beer and a forgotten breath of wind could make disappear.”

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Tamar Eisenman’s new album On My Way drops April 21. She’ll be playing at Joe’s Pub in New York City on May 5.