Talleen: new face of Desigual

Desigual, who chose Miss Trans Israel Talleen Abu Hanna to lead their Exotic Jeans campaign, published an interview with Talleen on their blog, and introduced the fabulous photoshoot with the new transgender supermodel!


At Desigual we don’t like anything that’s dull or boring, or that always follows the rules. That’s exactly why we’ve chosen Talleen to star in our next Exotic Jeans campaign. In 2015, this Israeli model was crowned the first Miss Trans Israel.

She’s catholic too, and before winning the beauty pageant worked as a ballet dancer. The beauty of being different is precisely what we wanted to talk about with her during our thrilling fashion shoot in the middle of the desert.

You’re an extraordinary example of exotic beauty. How do you feel in that role?

I don’t feel extraordinarily beautiful, really. I prefer to see myself as just a regular person.

How would you define your beauty?
Simple, natural and sometimes glamorous.

What do you like most about yourself?

Well, I have the advantage of being able to see things from both perspectives, masculine and feminine.

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