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Talleen Abu Hanna: Let Me Tell You About Pinkwashing – I’m Not Here to ‘Wash’ Anything

Talleen Abu Hanna, Miss Trans Israel 2016, recently completed a 10-day speaking tour of the United States. While in Chicago, she spoke with Matt Simonette of the Windy City Times about her life and title.

Talleen Abu Hanna said that she was inspired to compete to be Miss Trans Israel by a love for being on the stage.

“I’m a dancer,” Abu Hanna said during a recent visit to Chicago. “I dance and I teach dancing. I love the stage; the stage is my life. When I saw that this was the first [such] competition in history, I thought it would be interesting….I said, ‘Okay, this is the chance to do something new with my life.'”

In May 2016, Talleen Abu Hanna, a Catholic Arab born and raised in Nazareth, was named the winner of Israel’s first transgender beauty pageant.

Abu Hanna said that she ran mainly “to be able to tell people something [about trans people] outside of social media. I didn’t have the tools to speak, and these are tools that I have right now.”

She now resides in Tel Aviv, where there is relative acceptance of the LGBT community. “You can go there and be who you are, and where the clothes [of the person] you are. It was hard, but today they accept it more. Today, it is not dangerous [in Tel Aviv]. There had been some danger there before.”

She maintained that her work “was not about politics,” adding, “This is my real life. Let me tell you something about pinkwashing: I’m not here to ‘wash’ anything. Yes, there are a lot of problems between Jewish and Palestinians. But that is not my expertise. I believe in peace. …I’m not here for Israel. I’m here to make change for my community. When I come here and tell my story, I make a change for me and my LGBTQ community.”

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