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Take Action: Sign Petition to Support LGBTQ Strikes Across Israel

On Sunday, Israel’s LGBTQ community is going on strike. A Wider Bridge and the Israeli LGBTQ community need our international support. Please help us build momentum for the LGBTQ Strike Across Israel by signing and sharing this online campaign. Thank you! #YesLGBTQ

On Sunday, July 22, tens of thousands of LGBTQ Israelis and allies will stay home from work and close their businesses as a part of a nationwide strike organized by the Aguda —Israeli LGBTQ Task Force. The City of Tel Aviv, along with more than 20 companies, including Microsoft, Apple, and IBM, have voiced support for the strike.

And now we, the global LGBTQ community and allies, across zip codes and borders, supporters of Israel and the Jewish people, stand in solidarity with the Israeli LGBTQ community as they strike for their equal rights in their democracy.

Thanks to community activism, for decades, Israel has stood as a global leader on LGBTQ rights, serving as pioneers in decriminalizing homosexuality, allowing open military service, passing workplace protections, and hosting the largest annual pride parade in Asia (Tel Aviv). The current government of the State of Israel has publicly paid lip service to these achievements abroad, while at the same time undermining LGBTQ protections at home.

This week, the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) passed anti-gay surrogacy legislation, excluding single men and gay couples from this path it affords others to start families of their own.

For LGBTQ orthodox youth facing conversion therapy, for transgender Israelis at high risk of suicide and abuse, for LGBTQ Arabs and Ethiopians with long roads to community acceptance, and for LGBTQ families looking for a fair shake, we object.

Our concerns are rooted in a love for Israel, its democracy, and its people. Yet the hypocrisy of this coalition government on LGBTQ rights can no longer go unchallenged.

A Wider Bridge and the global LGBTQ community call on the Prime Minister and the governing coalition to build a stronger, more inclusive Israel that is reflective of our values of equality for all.