Ru’ach Pride Seder to Build Connections Between Miami and Israel

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Temple Israel Miami holds the 18th Annual LGBTQ Ru’ach Pride Seder on Wednesday, June 13, 5:30pm. The event is co-sponsored by A Wider Bridge Every year at Temple Israel Miami’s LGBTQ Pride Seder, we come together to tell the story of our liberation from oppression, to celebrate our freedom, and to commemorate the Jewish LGBTQ community […]

A Wider Bridge Helps Fund LGBT Orthodox Shabbat Weekend Near Haifa

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This weekend, April 27-28, members of Israel’s LGBT religious Jewish communities will gather on a beachfront near Haifa for the annual Kehila Dati Shabbaton (religious community shabbat weekend). Funds from an AWB Impact Grant will help provide scholarships and cover general event costs. Co-organizer Zehorit Sorek (far right) with her wife Limor and daughter Ariel […]

Zehorit Sorek: Fighting A Rabbi’s Homophobia With Images of Love

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Recently,  Israeli Rabbi Yigal Levenstein proclaimed that “homosexuality should be eradicated like AIDS.” In response, Israeli LGBTQ activists wheatpasted beautiful images of LGBTQ Orthodox Israelis from the “Our Faces” campaign to let others know they are not alone. Zehorit Sorek: Fighting Hate with Love The fiercely anti-liberal Rabbi Yigal Levenstein sunk to new lows this […]

Israeli Politicians Spar Over Surrogacy For Same-Sex Couples

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This past Monday, a heated debate in Israel’s Knesset centered around whether to allow members of the LGBT community to produce children via surrogacy. There was much bickering back and forth with homophobic statements and pro gay rebuttals. Moti Yogev, photo credit SHAHAR AZRAN The Jerusalem post reports that at present, the surrogacy law prepared […]

Wrapping up 2017: Top Stories of the Year!

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We’ve been reviewing our most notable accomplishments of the past year, and wanted to share them with you. This is a great opportunity to thank all of our supporters, thousands and thousands of you, who visited our website, signed our petitions, ‘liked’ us on social media, and helped us create equality in and for Israel. […]

Zehorit Sorek Describes the Fight For LGBT Equality in Israel’s Orthodox Community

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Zehorit Sorek, from the Israeli lesbian religious  group Bat Kol, recently attended the Limmud conference in England, where she discussed her ten-year fight for LGBT rights in Israel. Zehorit indicated that she and fellow activists feel the problem with LGBT rights in Israel is a social one, rather than a Halachic one. As an activist, […]

Our Top Eight Achievements of 2017

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A Wider Bridge is sharing our eight greatest achievements of the past year. Modeled after the eight days of Chanukah, we celebrate the miracles of our work and its widespread reach and impact. As we head into 2018, we wish everyone a happy Gregorian calendar New Year! Will you honor our work, and make a recurring, tax-deductible […]

Naftali Bennett Doesn’t Rule Out an LGBTQ Person in His Jewish Religious Party

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Education Minister and chairman of Jewish Home party, Naftali Bennett, didn’t rule out that a member of the LGBTQ community could serve in the ranks of his party. Religious Zionist public figures did not respond to a request for their comments on the matter. Religious activists in the LGBTQ community, on the other hand, welcomed […]