Israeli Air Force Presents: This is How We Model LGBTQ Inclusion

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Meetings of soldiers from the periphery with LGBT organizations, cross-unit discussions with LGBTQ soldiers and a support group for LGBTQ standing army soldiers and mandatory service soldiers–this is how the Israeli Air Force leads its openness to the LGBT community. “There are quite a few pilots who came out of the closet, it’s becoming a […]

Thousands Protest For Equality in Tel Aviv Over Gay Adoption

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Thousands of people participate in LGBT demonstration against state’s ban on adoption by same-sex couples. ‘We will go out into the streets and disrupt everyday life until there is full equality for LGBT families in Israel,’ said LGBT Task Force CEO. UPDATE: Ten protesters were arrested for questioning during a demonstration that took place on […]

State of Israel Couldn’t Care Less About Gays

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The state’s objection to same-sex adoptions comes as no surprise. As part of the animosity and discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians in Israel, it reveals the simple truth: The state can’t stand the idea of gay people having a family in Israel. The state’s shameful response to the High Court of Justice on adoption by same-sex […]

Orthodox LGBTQ Community Puts Out AWB-Impact Funded Campaign

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Back in January, we launched A Wider Bridge Impact, our organization fundraising arm to financially advance and support the struggle of the LGBTQ community in Israel. Our first project, The Orthodox Visibility Project, aimed to help the religious LGBTQ organizations fund a visibility campaign in the media. See the outcome! “Our Faces, Together” The Orthodox […]

Discussing Conversion ‘Therapy’ in Israel: What’s the Role of the State?

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LISTEN: Columnist Don Futterman, educator Noah Efron and Times of Israel Ops & Blogs Editor Miriam Herschlag, three hetero cisgender Israelis, mull over “conversion therapy” being offered in Israel by ultra-Orthodox therapists for men who wish to stop being attracted to other men. In an article on Ynet last week an investigative journalist named Adir […]