In Between: Empowering Tale of Three Palestinian Women Sharing A Flat in Tel Aviv

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Maysaloun Hamoud’s debut feature film In Between is an empowering tale of three Palestinian women living in Tel Aviv, each fighting their own battles for independence and fulfillment. Balancing tragicomic relationship blues with sharp sociopolitical observation, Hamoud’s slyly subversive drama draws us deep into an often hidden world. As the title suggests, these women occupy a […]

Dana International: “The laws have changed, sexual predators will pay for their actions.”

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#MeToo: Following the sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, American women of all ages and backgrounds shared achingly painful stories of sexual harassment and assault. The growing number of voices inspired women in Israel to come out with their own sexual harassment stories. Transgender Israeli singer Dana International wrote about the growing movement […]

Tel Aviv’s Lesbian Nightlife Power Couple is Back (Working) Together

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Ilana Shirazi and Dganit Baruchi were known for years as the queens of lesbian nightlife in Israel, and they were also a couple. Their parties, who were almost always thoughtful theme parties, ranged from huge pride parties through fundraising parties, parties with the best of our country’s female singers, women’s weddings and festivals abroad. Now, […]

Tel Aviv Holds a SlutWalk: ‘A Struggle of All Humans’

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Hundreds of protesters filled Tel Aviv’s streets with cries against rape culture. Women wearing just bras or bikini tops march through city center to demonstrate against widespread sexual harassment in Israel Hundreds of scantily clad women protested against rape culture Friday on Tel Aviv’s promenade many with shrill whistles colorful her. The city’s annual “SlutWalk” […]

Hundreds Rally in Tel Aviv in Solidarity With Women’s March

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Several hundred demonstrators in Tel Aviv joined hundreds of thousands of people in some 20 countries around the world protesting in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington, held a day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. Gathering in front of the US Embassy on Saturday evening, the predominantly female crowd waved banners […]