Israeli Politicians Spar Over Surrogacy For Same-Sex Couples

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This past Monday, a heated debate in Israel’s Knesset centered around whether to allow members of the LGBT community to produce children via surrogacy. There was much bickering back and forth with homophobic statements and pro gay rebuttals. Moti Yogev, photo credit SHAHAR AZRAN The Jerusalem post reports that at present, the surrogacy law prepared […]

Israeli Welfare Minister Meets Representatives of the LGBTQ Community to Discuss the Adoption Crisis

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Following a protest against the state’s position on adoption, a meeting was held Monday between representatives of the Aguda, the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers, and Welfare Minister Haim Katz. In the meeting, the LGBTQ representitives presented the outline of the solution to the current crisis: “We are waiting to see whether there will be […]

Only Three Same-sex Couples Allowed to Adopt in Israel Since It Became Legal in 2008

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Even though the law now allows gay families to adopt, they still have a lower priority. Udi Ledergor, chairman of Israeli Gay Fathers Association, and his family Only three same-sex families, two male couples and one female couple, have managed to adopt children in Israel since 2008, when such couples were legally allowed to adopt […]

Equality in Israeli Citizenship!

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Pathway to Israeli citizenship to be same for gay and heterosexual couples: Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit made the announcement in response to a court petition by the Gay Father’s Association, which welcomed the new policy. Udi Ledergor, chair of Israeli Gay Fathers organization and attorney Iris Sheinfeld Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced on Thursday that […]

IDF Recognizes Gay Dads

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After a long process of correspondence between the Israeli Gay Fathers Organization and the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF commands regarding summoning both gay dads of the same family unit for military service at the same time is now changing. Udi Ledergor, Executive Director of Gay Fathers Israel, with his family Yesterday, a new regulation […]