We Lost Today

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A Wider Bridge’s Executive Director Tyler Gregory penned this response to the anti-gay surrogacy bill that just passed the Knesset today. I’m sad to say that we lost at the Knesset today, despite fierce opposition and broad public support for LGBTQ families. Ultra-orthodox parties within the government forced a vote on an anti-gay amendment to […]

Passage of Anti-LGBTQ Surrogacy Bill in Israel Part of a Worrying Trend 

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Contact: Ronit Bezalel, Communications Director, ronit@awiderbridge.org, 1-866-288-5774 x6 NEW YORK — A Wider Bridge, the North American organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ communities in Israel expressed disappointment in Knesset’s actions to pass a law today preventing access to surrogacy in Israel for gay couples and single men. Under the law as it stands, gay couples and single men […]

Surrogacy Vote Delayed after PM Backs Inclusion of Same-sex Couples in Bill

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The Israeli Knesset is deliberating over an amendment to the surrogacy bill which will allow single women to obtain the use of a surrogate in Israel, but will still exclude gay couples from obtaining this service also. Until now, the service has only been legally available in Israel to married, heterosexual couples. Demonstrators protest against […]

Thousands Protest Knesset’s Surrogacy Bill’s Exclusion of Gay Couples

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Israel’s LGBTQ communities demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Saturday night against a looming bill on surrogacy that, if passed, would exclude gay couples. Photo: Guy Cohen The bill, which is expected to pass into law in its final readings at the Knesset on Monday, updates current legislation that only grants state-supported surrogacy for married heterosexual […]

“It’s Time to Tell Us Yes!” Israel’s LGBTQ Communities Demand Equality

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This Monday, the Israeli government will vote on an amendment that will prevent members of the LGBTQ community from being parents in Israel through surrogacy. Stakes are high, as Israel’s LGBTQ communities have been fighting for over a decade to change this surrogacy law, which currently only allows heterosexual couples in Israel this right. A massive […]

Ivri Lider: Gay Exclusion in Surrogacy Law “infuriating and insulting”

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Singer Ivri Lider said Monday that the amendment to the Surrogacy Law that passed second and third readings by the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee “creates a sense of second-class citizenship.” In an interview with Israeli Radio, Lider called the amendment, which would not allow same-sex couples to have children in a surrogacy procedure in […]

Netanyahu Rejected Request to Consider Allowing Surrogates for Single Men, Same-sex Couples

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman refused a request from Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit to consider including single men and same-sex couples in proposed legislation allowing single women to use surrogacy services. Protesting for gay surrogacy rights in Israel. Photo: Emile Salman Litzman told the attorney general he believed the version of the […]

Gay Israel Journalist Describes His Journey to Becoming a Father: Post Goes Viral

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A post by Roy Youldous Rosenzweig from International Surrogacy Company Tammuz, went viral on Israeli Family Day (formerly known as Mother’s Day) that took place last Sunday. In a moving post, Roy describes his longing for a family and the dreadful fear of not having one because he’s gay. Roy Rosenweig (left) with his partner […]