Israel’s Supreme Court President Slams Anti-Gay Surrogacy Law

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Israel’s Supreme Court President Esther Hayut criticized the state’s position on surrogacy for gay fathers and said that the solutions that apply to women should also apply to men. “This could be blatantly unconstitutional,” she said in a hearing on a petition filed by  Etai and Yoav Pinkas-Arad that calls to amend Israel’s surrogacy law in […]

Israel’s Coalition Rejects Bill to Extend Surrogacy Rights to Gay Men; AWB Attends Session

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On Wednesday, October 31, A Wider Bridge’s 2018 Fall LGBTQ Mission Trip to Israel sat in the Knesset gallery as the opposition introduced the pro-LGBT surrogacy Bill, which was ultimately defeated.  The group witnessed an ugly episode as ultra-orthodox MK shouted out at MKs Yair Lapid and Yael German for championing the LGBTQ community. AWB’s Quentin […]

Nearly 700 Rabbis In Support of LGBTQ Rights and Acceptance in Israel

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In response to growing controversies in Israel regarding anti-gay surrogacy legislation and the homophobic letter signed by 200 prominent Orthodox Dati Leumi (national religious) rabbis in Israel, nearly 700 rabbis from across the United States and Canada signed on to A Wider Bridge’s letter, committing LGBTQ acceptance and equal rights in Israel. We, the undersigned rabbis […]

Hannah Simpson: Israel’s Surrogacy Law is Bad, But Not Anti-Zionism Fodder

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Transgender/LGBTQ advocate and a Wider Bridge Mission Trip to Israel Alumna Hannah Simpson argues that we must respect and support the homegrown activism in Israel that will no doubt prevail in securing surrogacy, adoption rights and universal marriage equality. Protestors shout slogans during a LGBT community members protest against discriminatory surrogate bill in Tel Aviv, […]

Take Action: Sign Petition to Support LGBTQ Strikes Across Israel

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On Sunday, Israel’s LGBTQ community is going on strike. A Wider Bridge and the Israeli LGBTQ community need our international support. Please help us build momentum for the LGBTQ Strike Across Israel by signing and sharing this online campaign. Thank you! #YesLGBTQ On Sunday, July 22, tens of thousands of LGBTQ Israelis and allies will stay home from work and close […]

Anti-Gay Surrogacy Bill Passes, The Aguda Calls for Nationwide LGBTQ Strike

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday dashed to the Knesset for the express purpose of voting against a measure that would have extended surrogacy rights to same-sex couples — two days after publishing a video explaining why he supports the idea.  In response to the passage of this anti-gay surrogacy bill, the Aguda National LGBTQ […]