Freedom to Marry Founder Evan Wolfson Discusses Same-Sex Marriage Abroad

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A Wider Bridge 2017 LGBTQ Leadership Mission alumnus, Evan Wolfson, recently attended a conference in Costa Rica that focused on marriage rights for same-sex couples in Latin America. He says efforts to advance anti-LGBT religious freedom measures and litigation are “nothing new.” “It’s part of the classic pattern of civil rights advances in American history,” Evan […]

Leadership Mission Alum Evan Wolfson Attends Groundbreaking Same-Sex Marriage Conference in Latin America

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Activists from across the Western Hemisphere will gather in Costa Rica this week for the first of its kind conference that will focus on marriage rights for same-sex couples in Latin America. Included, will be A Wider Bridge LGBTQ Leadership Mission alumnus, 2017 Evan Wolfson. Evan Wolfson at Tel Aviv Gay Pride Evan Wolfson was founder […]

A Wedding in Israel Should be a Happy Occaision

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Journalist Cliff Savren argues that eliminating the Orthodox monopoly on marriage will benefit everyone, including same-sex couples. Yochai Werman and partner Yotam Hacohen hold a symbolic wedding at 2016 Jerusalem Pride The role of religion in the Jewish state was pushed to the margins in some ways when Israel was established. The Zionist movement was […]

Israeli High Court’s Shameful, Insulting Ruling on Marriage Equality

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High Court’s excision of support for marriage equality from PSA is deceptive and unnecessary In Israel in 2017 one cannot even dream of same-sex marriage. Thus decided the High Court of Justice, which struck down the term “to marry” from the sentence, “The right to love and to marry and to marry whom I choose, […]

High Court: Ad Can Promote Arab and LGBT Rights, But Not Gay Marriage

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A public service announcement celebrating Arab and LGBT equality cannot be banned, but the part of the advertisement emphasizing gay marriage can be, the High Court of Justice ruled Wednesday. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel petitioned the court in February, after the Second Authority for Television and Radio refused to overturn its ban […]

Edith Windsor, Whose Same-Sex Marriage Fight Led to Landmark Ruling, Dies at 88

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A Wider Bridge mourns the loss of Edie Windsor, a true hero of the modern movement for LGBT equality. Her determination and perseverance to fight for what she knew was right brought about an end to the odious “Defense of Marriage Act” and paved the way for the later historic decision that brought full marriage […]

Israeli Supreme Court Rejects Petition to Recognize Same Sex Marriage

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Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected on Thursday a petition by the Israeli LGBT Association to recognize same-sex marriage. Justices Elyakim Rubinstein (former deputy to the president), Neal Hendel and Anat Baron rejected the claim made in the petition that according to interpretations of the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, same-sex marriage should be […]

Support for Same-Sex Marriage/Civil Unions – Record High of 79%!

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47% of Zionist Orthodox Israelis and 65% of voters for the Zionist Orthodox Jewish Home party support the establishment of same-sex marriage or civil unions in Israel. Support for the implementation of marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples in Israel: 79% of the Jewish Israeli public believes that same-sex couples should be permitted to […]

Evan Wolfson in Israel, Speaks for the LGBTQ Community: “We Want the Right to Declare Our Love”

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During his visit to Israel with A Wider Bridge, Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson met with Israeli journalist Ayelet Shani to discuss gay marriage in Israel and in the United States. Their conversation was transcribed and published in Shani’s acclaimed Haaretz column, “Me in Conversation.” Evan Wolfson, 60, a lawyer and an activist, founder and […]