How a High-Ranking Gay Navy Chaplain Retired With Pride

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On the anniversary of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal, Captain Jon Cutler, a Rabbi at Beth Israel Congregation of Chester County, PA, shared about serving in secrecy – and finally breaking the news to his friends. In 2008, under the energetic US Navy chaplain serving with the Marines in Anbar Province, Iraq, a plywood […]

Reconstructing Religion: Philly Transgender Rabbi Redefining Roles in the Jewish Faith

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Transgender Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari was recently appointed head of Kol Tzedek, a small West Philadelphia Reconstructionist synagogue Hebrew is a gendered language; almost every noun is grammatically either masculine or feminine. This makes things interesting for Reconstructionist Judaism, a liberal movement within the religion. “So how do we wrestle with gender inclusion and trans […]

Transgender and Jewish in Philly

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And over the last year, more synagogues have been asking for trans sensitivity trainings for staff and members, said Phoenix Schneider, program director of the nonprofit Jewish Family and Children’s Services’ LGBTQ initiative. In the last few years, the battle over transgender rights has roiled school districts, courtrooms, statehouses, and he national political stage, most […]

Creating Change 2017 and A Wider Bridge

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Following the anti-semitic, anti-Israel incident at A Wider Bridge reception during Creating Change Conference last year,  there’s a demand to know what we are planning to do with regard to participating in the upcoming Creating Change Conference, set for January 18 – 22 in Philadelphia. In brief, we are sending two of our staff leaders, Tye […]

Barney Frank Warns America’s Respect for All Religious Traditions is Endangered

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The Gay Jewish former-congressman says that one of the great threats in America is this recurring notion that we are “a Christian nation,” and that Jews should accept this imposition gracefully “I’m glad to be here,” said master pontificator and former legendary congressman Barney Frank, at the DNC Jewish Roundtable in the Philadelphia Convention Center […]

How Both the Left and the Right Get Israel’s Gay Rights Struggle Wrong

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Cantor and Talmud teacher Raphael Magarik from Berkeley attended Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade last week, and came back thinking that neither the right nor the left can make room for ongoing, contentious social-justice struggles within Israel. Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, in which I marched on Thursday, was full of contradictions. On the one hand, Israeli […]