Bisexual Theme at Pride: Why is it Exciting

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Bisexuality will be the official theme for Israel’s Pride events in 2017, and it’s exciting. Studies show that people who feel attraction for more than one gender represent about 30% of the population, but the visibility of this large community is minimal. Its members are suffering from a lack of accessibility to friendly health services; […]

A Couple With No Definitions

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Naomi Gopher faces endless judgement and intimate interrogations about her relationship with Inbar Ney, a transgender man. In a joint interview the couple describes society’s norms that they try to break, and how they try to avoid definitions regarding their sexuality and relationship. “I really can’t understand why the sight of a short man and […]

Bi+ Historical Figure

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Jewish activist Brenda Howard is remembered on HRC’s list of Bi+ Historical Figures Everyone Should Know Bisexual, queer, pansexual and fluid (bi+) people have been leaders in the fight for equal rights, yet our historical memories too often erase their identities or ignore their contributions. In honor of LGBT history month, here are a few […]