Chief Rabbi Said Pride Is Bad For Jerusalem. 22,000 People Disagreed.

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Carol Kuruvilla, religion reporter of the Huffington Post summarizes the voices and the images from the 2017 Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem Ahead of Jerusalem’s 16th annual pride parade on Thursday, Jerusalem’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi Aryeh Stern made it clear that he didn’t think such an event belonged in the ancient, holy city. Although Stern […]

Dana International: “My Jerusalem is Jerusalem of Love, Not of Hatred”

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Transgender Israeli superstar Dana International wrote a special column dedicated to Gay Pride in Jerusalem that took place yesterday: “How important it is for the world to see the march in Jerusalem. They will see the great light, and not the evil and fanaticism and hatred of a handful of its citizens who want to […]

Support for Same-Sex Marriage/Civil Unions – Record High of 79%!

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47% of Zionist Orthodox Israelis and 65% of voters for the Zionist Orthodox Jewish Home party support the establishment of same-sex marriage or civil unions in Israel. Support for the implementation of marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples in Israel: 79% of the Jewish Israeli public believes that same-sex couples should be permitted to […]

What The Boy Scouts Can Teach Trump — And Israel — About Family

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Rabbi Howard Goldsmith, spiritual leader of Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester, writes about the “values that really matter” in regards to morality and strong families. Right before I became an Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts of America added a new required merit badge: The Family Life merit badge. This was the mid-1990s, right around the time […]