Conference for Israel’s LGBT Religious Communities

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Building upon the theme of this year’s Jerusalem Gay Pride which focused on the coexistence of religion and LGBT, members of Israel’s LGBTQ religious communities held an “Erev K’helah” conference on Sunday, October 8 to discuss LGBTQ relationships, marriage and family within the orthodox community. The conference, sponsored by the Schusterman Foundation, was well attended […]

Transgender Israeli Man Spends Yom Kippur in Orthodox Synagogue’s Men’s Section

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Why was this past Yom Kippur different from any other Kippur? For transgender Israeli man, Israel Raphel Avraham, who started taking hormones six months ago, it was a dream come true to finally sit in the men’s section in his local orthodox synagogue. Last night was the most incredible night of my life with the […]

Melech Zilbershlag: This Internet Sensation Represents ‘The New Hassidic’ People

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Melech Zilbershlag, a 21-year-old ultra-Orthodox (Hassidic) Jew, is one of Israel’s hottest internet celebrities. In an intimate interview with Israel Today before Yom Kippur he revealed surprising opinions about alcohol, light drugs, matchmaking, gays, advertising, money and fame – and explains why he is worth every shekel paid to him by the new Israeli public […]

Gay and Orthodox in Jerusalem: New Documentary Short

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A new documentary short looks at being Orthodox and LGBT in Israel. Lesbian activist Sarah Weil discusses The Meeting Place project which fosters unprecedented dialogue between the LGBT and Orthodox communities. In 2016, Sarah toured the United States with A Wider Bridge to discuss her work. A new 5-minute video documentary that was created by the Hanns […]

Daughter of the Haredi MK Who Resigned for Attending Gay Wedding: “I’m Proud of Him”

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Racheli Gueta, daughter of Haredi MK Yigal Guata, who was forced to resign after attending his gay nephew’s wedding, wrote a note in support of her father, revealing that Yigal’s support of his family’s happiness has been an issue for his colleagues for a while. “At the moment I have only one thing to say,” […]

Rabbis Force ultra-Orthodox Israeli Lawmaker to Resign After Attending Gay Nephew’s Wedding

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MK Yigal Guetta left the ultra-Orthodox Shas party after prominent rabbis demanded his resignation for attending a same-sex marriage An ultra-Orthodox Israeli lawmaker resigned on Wednesday after a number of prominent rabbis demanded his party fire him for attending his gay nephew’s wedding. Shas MK Yigal Guetta told Israeli media at the beginning of the week […]

An Orthodox Woman from Belarus Comes Out, Finds Love in Israel

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Nadia Aizner from Belarus found an important home in Bat Kol, an organization for Orthodox lesbian women. “We’ve started a revolution and there’s no turning back the clock,” she says. Two weeks ago on Shabbat at Jerusalem’s Kehilat Zion synagogue, Nadia Aizner stood with glistening eyes under a canopy together with her partner Lena Kuznetsova, […]