Journalist Mark Stern on the Chicago Dyke March Fiasco and Creeping Anti-Semitism

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“There is no reason why LGBTQ people and their allies cannot be proudly Jewish and proudly Zionist. ” Journalist Mark Stern who writes for Slate, will be moderating the panel this Thursday for the LGBTQNZ Pride, Zionism, and Inclusivity in New York. Below, he talks about his reactions to the Dyke March fiasco and creeping […]

Conference for Israel’s LGBT Religious Communities

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Building upon the theme of this year’s Jerusalem Gay Pride which focused on the coexistence of religion and LGBT, members of Israel’s LGBTQ religious communities held an “Erev K’helah” conference on Sunday, October 8 to discuss LGBTQ relationships, marriage and family within the orthodox community. The conference, sponsored by the Schusterman Foundation, was well attended […]

Gay Israeli TV Chef Talks Food and Marriage

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Israel’s leading culinary journalist Gil Hovav, who is gay, recently chatted with the Windy City Times’ reporter Matt Simonette. Hovav and his partner, Daniel Halperin, have been together for thirty years and have a daughter, Naomi. A prominent gay TV personality, food journalist and chef in Israel, Gil Hovav, insists that he’s “not that infatuated […]

Eilat Court Grants Parenting Order to a Lesbian Couple Who is Separated

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A precedent-setting ruling was handed down today at the Family Court in Eilat, regarding parenting orders for lesbian couples. Lior and Michal, two women who brought together two children to the world and then broke up, can now legally become mothers of the children even though they do not live together anymore. Each of the […]

Israel Promises to End Same-sex Adoption Discrimination

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State commits to introduce legislation by June 2018, responding to a court petition challenging the discrimination in the current law against gays and lesbians The state committed on Sunday to introduce legislation that would equalize the adoption rights of same-sex couples by June 2018. The announcement was made during a hearing at the High Court of […]

Same-sex Adoption? Still a No-go in Israel

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Haim Abraham, an attorney and doctoral student in law at the University of Toronto, says that there’s no reason to celebrate: The Social Affairs Ministry’s ‘new’ position on this issue is ‘Yes, but’ – the same old ‘No’ in disguise The social networks of Israel’s LGBT community celebrated a victory last week when the Labor, Social […]

Israeli Ministry Submits Reversal to Gay Couples Adoption Opposition

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Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs has reversed its opposition to allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Haim Katz, Welfare and Social Services Minister of Israel (photo: Eyal Yitzhar) Israel’s Channel 2 News reported Tuesday evening that the Ministry of Welfare, at the request of Minister Haim Katz, said there is no problem in principle […]