Erev Kehila: Parents of LGBTQ kids need to come out of the closet, too.

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Rachel M. recently attended “Erev Kehila” a Jerusalem community event for religious families geared to parents and their LGBTQ children. She was moved to hear how parents quickly became advocates for their children. These are her reflections on the evening. “Parents of LGBTQ kids need to come out of the closet, too.” That sentence has […]

Dining as a Political Act; Voting with Our Dollars

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AWB’s Digital Media Manager Ronit Bezalel blogs about supporting the lesbian owned R&R DineR restaurant in Jerusalem, which is under daily attack from homophobic ultra-religious Orthodox neighbors. When I heard about the threats and violence aimed at the lesbian owners of Jerusalem’s newly opened R&R DineR, I knew I had to support their business. I’ve been […]

Haredim Vandalize Non-Kosher Diner Owned By A Lesbian Couple

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In Jerusalem, lesbian life partners Reut Cohen and Romina Gonzalez have faced threats and property damage from local ultra-Orthodox residents who are trying to shut down their restaurant. Photo credit: Emil Salman Even before the R&R Diner opened in downtown Jerusalem a month ago, the threats had already begun. “We will burn you down!” and “You […]

A Wider Bridge Condemns Jerusalem Violence Targeting LGBTQ Community

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A Wider Bridge is deeply troubled by the incident tonight in Zion Square, in which members of The Meeting Place were harassed, assaulted, and intimidated by a group of homophobic extremists. The aggressors attempted to light a rainbow flag on fire, and destroyed property of The Meeting Place before becoming physical with several LGBTQ activists […]