How Both the Left and the Right Get Israel’s Gay Rights Struggle Wrong

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Cantor and Talmud teacher Raphael Magarik from Berkeley attended Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade last week, and came back thinking that neither the right nor the left can make room for ongoing, contentious social-justice struggles within Israel. Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, in which I marched on Thursday, was full of contradictions. On the one hand, Israeli […]

Students of Rabbi Levinstein to March in Jerusalem

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“The words of Rabbi Levinstein contradict the values on which we grew up and were educated in the academy,” wrote the students following Levinstein’s speech that said LGBT people are ‘deviants’ and ‘lost the normalcy of life’ Rabbi Yigal Levinstein speaking at the ‘Zion and Jerusalem’ convention July 2016. Graduates of military academies, some of […]

Girl Killed at Jerusalem Pride Parade Was Murdered Twice

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When it comes to a peaceful march for granting equality to the LGBT community, the police let the people making threats win. The High Court of Justice’s ruling on Be’er Sheva’s Gay Pride Parade, in which it denied a petition to overturn a police decision to change the parade’s route, is riddled with holes. The […]