The Islamist War on Gays Comes to America

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In a new op-ed on Tablet, journalist Jamie Kirchick writes that the mass murder in Orlando wasn’t a random display of ‘hate.’ It is an expression of a repugnant political philosophy that targets women, Jews, and gays. Yesterday’s deadly shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando—in which at least 50 people were killed—is but the […]

The effects of intersectionality on global support for Israel

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James Kirchick headlines Jewish studies program lecture series today in San Diego, in a lecture based on his Tablet Magazine essay from January 2016 that examines the effects of intersectionality on global support for Israel. Washington D.C.-based journalist James Kirchick will outline his contention that the political left has embraced regressive values and discuss the […]

Putin TV Hires Conspiracy Royalty

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For the sons of Oliver Stone and Jesse Ventura, who have broken ‘exclusives’ on the Illuminati and interviewed a ‘rogue Egyptologist,’ the Kremlin-funded RT is the logical next step. The latest column from 40 Years of Pride speaker James Kirchick in the Daily Beast Abby Martin wasn’t sufficiently crazy. When the American journalist announced last […]