We Stand By Free Speech

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Josh Sayles, director of the Community Relations Council for the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, says that people don’t want anti-Israel outspoken singer Roger Waters in Pittsburgh, but opposed to Waters and his other BDS friends, Sayles recognizes the right of those with whom we disagree to peacefully exist among us and to exercise their […]

Brave Conversations: Steps to Create Positive Change in Our Political Discourse and Social Justice Initiatives

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Following the Chicago Dyke March incident in June, the staff of A Wider Bridge embarked on a dialogue tour, answered questions and engaged in conversations with leaders from dozens of LGBTQ and Jewish organizations and communities. Midwest Manager Laurie Grauer describes one of the dialogue groups that took place in Chicago. “I invite you to […]

It’s Increasingly Difficult to Be Pro-Israel and Queer

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Being pro-Israel at LGBT events has become difficult, LGBT Jewish leaders say, and at times the opposition to Israel has spilled over into making Jews feel uncomfortable about displaying their identity. For years, Laurie Grauer had waved a rainbow flag emblazoned with a Jewish star at the Chicago Dyke March, sometimes marching near activists waving […]

Why #Pinkwashing Insults Gays and Hurts Palestinians

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“Linking the gay rights movement to Israel’s geopolitical conflict merely refreshes age-old Zionist conspiracy theories by using one of today’s most prominent social issues.” – Tyler Lopez breaks down the attempt of the anti-Zionism movement to recruit the LGBTQ community against Israel, which results in hurting LGBTQ people, especially in Palestine. It’s June, and Tel […]

Pinkwashing: Is It Really So Black and White?

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We must remain critical when the Israeli government co-opts the LGBTQ struggle to divert attention from the occupation. But let’s not minimize the urgency of the situation for many queer people in Israel and across the Middle East. “LGBTQ Against Pinkwash” at Tel Aviv Pride There’s a tendency towards extreme dualism when it comes to […]

Targeting LGBT And Tel Aviv Gay Pride Isn’t the Key to Israel-Palestine Peace

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H. Alan Scott spent the last week traveling all over Israel with A Wider Bridge and came back with one important takeaway: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict won’t be solved by using Israel’s LGBT community as a scapegoat for a political argument by a handful of groups demanding a boycott. H. Alan Scott in Jerusalem last week. I’m […]