Gay IDF Commander Talks About Life in the IDF, Anti-Zionism on Campus

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Gay ex-IDF soldier Hen Mazzig spoke about his life, his family, and his army service at the University of Central Florida During the spring of 2017, CAMERA sponsored ex-IDF soldier Hen Mazzig to speak on 17 college campuses. On one of his last stops was the University of Central Florida where Knights for Israel hosted […]

Paving the Way for Transgender Soldiers

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Lt. Shachar became the first enlisted Israeli solider to medically transition from female to male. Because Israeli law requires health insurance to cover transgender medical needs, his military insurance covered the costs of his hormone therapy and surgeries. When Israel’s first out transgender soldier was making plans to enlist in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) […]

The Rabbi Unfit for Service in Israel

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Haaretz Editorial: Last summer Rabbi Yigal Levinstein slammed the military for the tolerance it demonstrates toward the gay community, whose members he called ‘perverts.’ Last week he vilified the recruitment of young Orthodox Jewish women. An individual who holds such chauvinistic views cannot be part of a system that prepares thousands of religious youths for […]

“I Didn’t Believe That This is How A Gay Person Looks Like”

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Omer Nahmany was interviewed Monday by about his new project “Pride x2 to Israel” and the Pride Blue and White movement. In the face of growing attempts by anti-liberal forces to stop integration of women, members of the LGBT community, and minorities into the military, Pride Blue and White believes in strengthening the social […]