Israeli Military Appoints First Ever Out Gay Major General

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Sharon Afek’s promotion comes in the same week the Knesset denied surrogacy rights to same-sex couples The Israel Defense Forces has promoted its top lawyer, Sharon Afek, to major general last Thursday, making him the country’s first openly gay person to hold that rank. ‘The rank promotion expresses the great responsibility of the military advocate […]

IDF Discontinues Cooperation With Hoshen, The Only LGBT Organization it Works With

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has removed Hoshen from its list of organizations that are allowed to lecture its soldiers–the only LGBT organization with which it works. Hoshen’s Executive Director, Tamar Yahel, comments: “This is not a random decision, but rather a tactical choice made out of fear of criticism directed at the IDF because […]

A Wider Bridge Calls Upon IDF to Reconsider Policy Shift on LGBTQ Education for All Soldiers

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A Wider Bridge is concerned about an apparent change in Israel Defense Force (IDF) policy which restricts access to training related to issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. We echo our partner organization Hoshen’s call to the IDF to reconsider this policy.   The IDF has long been a leader in LGBTQ inclusion. For the […]

Former Israeli Soldier on Front Lines in Battle for Free Speech

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Hen Mazzig, an openly gay former Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) commander was a panelist at a free speech event in Toronto organized by LGBTory, the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research and Hasbara Fellowships He made it through five years in the Israeli army coordinating the construction of roads, hospitals and schools in the West Bank […]

Military Reservists to the State: Fire Homophobic Rabbi

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A group of LGBTQ military reservists have published a letter calling on the Israeli government to fire chief rabbi of the city of Safed, following his extreme homophobic remarks. Or Vaxman Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Safed, has referred to the LGBTQ community as “terrorists” and to the community’s struggle as “LGBT terror attacks” […]

One Military That Has No Problem With Transgender Soldiers: Israel’s

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The Israel Defense Forces have knowingly included transgender soldiers since 1998. In 2014, the Israeli military said it had at least five transgender members and would support future such conscripts. As of last year, it was among 19 countries, including the United States, that allowed transgender people to serve in the military. Waving the Transgender Pride flag at Tel Aviv […]