Former Israeli Soldier on Front Lines in Battle for Free Speech

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Hen Mazzig, an openly gay former Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) commander was a panelist at a free speech event in Toronto organized by LGBTory, the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research and Hasbara Fellowships He made it through five years in the Israeli army coordinating the construction of roads, hospitals and schools in the West Bank […]

Leader of the Israeli National LGBT Task Force Marched At Kiev’s Gay Pride

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Around 2,000 activists, surrounded by 5,000 police officers, marched Sunday at Kiev’s gay pride parade. Chen Arieli, chair of The Aguda: “A few minutes into the march I couldn’t stop the tears.” Chen Arieli at Kiev’s Gay Pride Parade. “I don’t even know how to begin summarizing this experience. We have just finished marching in […]

Anti-Zionists, talk to Mid East’s gay community

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Gay Israeli Member of Knesset Amir Ohana pens an op-ed in a British Jewish newspaper, saying Israel’s glorifying of LGBT rights is something that should be celebrated and not criticized. Amir Ohana We are living in a world where the truth does not always prevail. This is especially apparent when it comes Israel. This tiny […]

LGBT Advocates to Attend Global HRC Summit

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More than two dozen LGBT rights advocates from around the world are scheduled to attend a  Conference summit next week in D.C. Activists from Argentina, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Hungary, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, Uruguay and […]