Gay son and his mother speak at Tiberias pride about LGBTQ Acceptance

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Avichai Abarbanel, CEO of Havruta (Israel’s Religious Org for Gay Men), and his mom Hadassa Abarbanel speak about love and acceptance at this year’s Tiberias pride. “I’m here because I believe my family is real, that Avichai’s family and the one he will have is real. I’m here because I’m refusing to accept anyone cursing and harming my […]

2018: A Wider Bridge By The Numbers

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2018 has been a watershed year in the fight for LGBTQ equality in Israel. A Wider Bridge has played a significant role in advancing equality in Israel and equality for Israel through our LGBTQ leadership missions to Israel, media campaigns and advocacy work, numerous delegations bringing Israeli LGBTQ leaders to the US, inaugural grantmaking initiative, and ongoing […]

Launching AWB Impact Grants: Building Capacity for LGBTQ Advocates in Israel!

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The nationwide LGBTQ strike in Israel last month, sparked by a Knesset vote to ban men and gay couples from surrogacy, culminated in an incredibly moving and powerful 100,000-person rally in Rabin Square. The strike’s potency underscores the need to build capacity for Israel’s LGBTQ community organizations. A Wider Bridge (AWB) is proud to announce […]

A Wider Bridge Helps Fund LGBT Orthodox Shabbat Weekend Near Haifa

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This weekend, April 27-28, members of Israel’s LGBT religious Jewish communities will gather on a beachfront near Haifa for the annual Kehila Dati Shabbaton (religious community shabbat weekend). Funds from an AWB Impact Grant will help provide scholarships and cover general event costs. Co-organizer Zehorit Sorek (far right) with her wife Limor and daughter Ariel […]

Former Co-Chair of The Aguda Files a Discrimination Lawsuit Against Orthodox Rabbis’ Organization

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In April 2017, the Community Rabbis’ Association held a first of its kind conference under the name “Kedoshim Tihiyoo”, which was designed for Rabbis and educators who wanted to deepen their knowledge of the LGBT issue from a halachic perspective, and to find solutions. The organization didn’t hide its intention to provide a platform for […]

Our Top Eight Achievements of 2017

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A Wider Bridge is sharing our eight greatest achievements of the past year. Modeled after the eight days of Chanukah, we celebrate the miracles of our work and its widespread reach and impact. As we head into 2018, we wish everyone a happy Gregorian calendar New Year! Will you honor our work, and make a recurring, tax-deductible […]

Conference for Israel’s LGBT Religious Communities

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Building upon the theme of this year’s Jerusalem Gay Pride which focused on the coexistence of religion and LGBT, members of Israel’s LGBTQ religious communities held an “Erev K’helah” conference on Sunday, October 8 to discuss LGBTQ relationships, marriage and family within the orthodox community. The conference, sponsored by the Schusterman Foundation, was well attended […]