The Prediction of “Gender Revolution:” Non-Binary People in Israel

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In its weekend edition, Haaretz newspaper published an extensive article about gender non-binary people, introducing them to Israeli society and predicting “the next revolution,” that may completely eliminate the classification of people into categories of male and female. Ender. Non-binary You Tube star from Israel. The Haaretz article introduces the various definitions to the public: […]

In Jerusalem, a Gender-Bent Production of ‘Taming of the Shrew’

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A community theater’s gender-bent production of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” features cross-dressing performance of the Bard’s classic comedy. This week, Jerusalem’s own Theatre in the Rough company opens a two-week run of the Bard’s bawdy comedy in the verdant Bloomfield Park, just next to the King David Hotel. The nine performances, on August 10–24, are for all […]

Gender Division in Sports is Irrelevent

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Transgender activist Niki Sever thinks that gender division in sports is superfluous, even in sports that require physical effort. Because this division outright rejects transgender, genderqueer and intersex people- they are forced to retire from competitions. Mac Beggs, professional boxer. From leisure groups in community centers, through professional leagues, to international competitions, in every sport […]

Being LGBTQ in the Periphery is Still Not Easy

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In rural and peripheral areas in Israel live hundreds of LGBT people who have to cope every day with life outside or inside the closet in less accepting and open surroundings. Erin Toledano-Farajov, a bisexual genderqueer transgender woman, tries to explain life as LGBT on the periphery through her own personal experience. Erin Toledano-Farajov, who’s […]

Changing The Modeling Industry

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Hayley Mandel, a queer, Jewish plus-size, non-binary model wants to change the world. During our conversation, Hayley Mandel tells me no less than three times that they want to change the world. After a just a few minutes of chatting, it’s clear they will. The model appears in Refinery29’s newest No Apologies Collection, an expansion […]

7. Love Your Transgender Kid.

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Counting down the biggest stories on our website in 2016… The High Holidays can be such a public time for families- they may be in synagogue where the biggest crowd of the year gathers. Rabbi Ari Moffic, a mom of a transgender child, led a Keshet webinar in September about the inclusion of Jewish transgender, […]

Love Your (Genderqueer) Kid in the High Holy Days

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The High Holy Days can be such a public time for families- they may be in synagogue when the biggest crowd of the year gathers. Rabbi Ari Moffic, a mom of a transgender child, leads Keshet’s upcoming webinar (September 20, 2016) about inclusion of Jewish transgender, gender nonconforming, and genderqueer children during this time of […]